Update items

You can update field values of one or multiple items in the same workspace using a bulk update.

Bulk updates

Use bulk updates to modify field values of one or multiple items in a single action. You can also use a bulk update to add comments to items without having to update any fields.

To perform a bulk update:

  1. In the Grid View or Smart List View, do one of the following:

    • Select the items you want to update.

    • Click the Select All check box on the left side of the grid to update up to 5000 items.

  2. Right-click the selected group area and click Bulk Update.

  3. In the Bulk Update dialog box, select up to 10 fields.

    Depending on the item type you select, you can choose to Add to existing values, Replace existing values, or Remove existing values of multi-selection fields by clicking the dropdown menu.

  4. Optional. Add a comment to the update.

  5. Click Update to apply the changes.

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This section lists the limitations for bulk updates:

  • In a single bulk-update operation, you can only update items of the same type that are either shared or isolated. You cannot bulk update items of different types in a single operation.

  • An item cannot be updated if it contains a new value that violates a business rule.

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