Release processes

With release processes, you can define, execute, and track release and quality-related activities.


Use release processes to gain control and visibility into the activities that make up your release lifecycle.

Release processes let you identify issues and bottlenecks. You can also examine planned versus actual times for each stage and activity, and improve the planning for the same processes in the next release.

Example: Running a regression cycle involves a series of stages and stakeholders: Prepare test suites, plan suite runs, prepare and configure an environment for testing, run tests, analyze the results.

The release process entity provides you a way to coordinate and manage all the stages and activities from within ValueEdge.

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Release process workflow

The release process workflow involves the following steps:

Step Details
Create a process

Define a process and the process flow items, such as stages, actions, and quality gates. For details on the process flow, see Release process flow.

Create a process from scratch or use a predefined template. You can also duplicate an existing process.

For details, see Create a release process.

Run a process

Run the release process. Execute the process stages, perform actions, and evaluate quality gates.

For details, see Run a release process.

Analyze the process

Gain increased visibility of your release processes and individual process flows using the timeline view. For details, see View process timelines.

Track processes and process items by selecting the relevant item types in the widget configuration. The dashboard provides two DORA widgets that are based on a release process as an item type: Deployment Frequency and Change Failure Rate. For details, see DORA widgets.

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