Functional Test

The Functional Test module includes AI-based test authoring, business-centric model-based testing, cloud-based test scheduling and execution, and an extensive testing lab that includes mobile devices and browsers.

With Functional Test, you can do the following:

  • Create codeless test automation scripts with the power of AI-based object detection.

  • Optimize test coverage with a model-based testing tool.

  • Schedule and run tests on the cloud and get detailed test results and insight into trends.

  • Gain remote access to mobile devices and browsers from anywhere for manual and automated testing.

Functional Test consists of the following submodules:

Submodule Description Learn more

AI-based codeless scripting in your browser.

Functional Test Design help center
Model-Based Testing

Create models representing your application's business processes.

Model-Based Testing
Digital Lab

Easy access to remote and cloud-based mobile devices and browsers for development and testing.

Digital Lab help center

Schedule and run tests on the cloud.

Functional Test Execution