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The Help Centers provide you with comprehensive user assistance.

We recommend that you use the online versions of the Help Centers for the most recent updates available. If your organization has firewall restrictions that prevent you from using the online versions, you can save the help center files locally.

Local help packages

The following English packages are available for download. Download the packages that you require. For details, see Access local help.


  • Check that the help version matches your product version. For previous versions, check the download page of the relevant Help Center.

  • To download help in other languages, refer to the translated versions available from the Version dropdown menu in the Help Center banner.

File for download Information

Help Center package for VuGen, to use with LoadRunner Professional full installation, and VuGen standalone installation.

The package includes:

  • VuGen Help Center *
  • Function Reference
  • PDFs
  • Readme

Download and extract the ZIP contents to <VuGen root>\help.

* TruClient content is now part of the VuGen Help Center.

Help Center package for LoadRunner Professional, to use with LoadRunner Professional full installation*, and with standalone installations of Analysis, Load Generator, MOFW, and MI Listener.

The package includes:

  • LoadRunner Professional Help Center (for Controller and Analysis)
  • PDFs
  • Readme

Download and extract the ZIP contents to <LoadRunner Professional root>\help.

* For a LoadRunner Professional full installation, you should also install the VuGen Help Center package. The PDFs folder has the same content in both packages.

VTS Help Center.

After you install VTS, download and extract the ZIP contents to <VTS root>\VTS\web\admin\Web\help. Download and extract the ZIP contents to <LoadRunner Professional root>\help.

After you install the Protocol SDK, download and extract the ZIP contents to <VuGen root>\LoadRunner Protocol SDK\documents.

To open the help, click <VuGen root>\LoadRunner Protocol SDK\documents\LR_Protocol_SDK\webframe.html.

LoadRunner Developer Help Center See the LoadRunner Developer download page
Network Virtualization Help Center See the Network Virtualization download page

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Access local help

The following procedure describes how to install and access the help on the local machine.

The help packages required for each product, and the location to install them, are described in Local help packages.

To install and access local help:

  1. Download the relevant help packages to the machine where the product is installed.

  2. Check that the VuGen root installation folder contains a help folder. For example:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenText\Virtual User Generator\help

    If the help folder does not exist, add it.

  3. Unzip each package into the appropriate folder. For the context-sensitive help to function, the format of the content must be kept as-is, and the content must be placed directly in the specified folder for that package (not in a subfolder).

  4. For some VuGen components, there is a switch to toggle between online and local mode. To use the local help, select Help > Help Center Options > Open Locally.

    To test that the local help is working, in the product Help menu, select VuGen Help Center. The Help Center should open displaying a local path, not online.

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