Protocol SDK

The Protocol SDK package allows you to create custom VuGen protocols from within Visual Studio.

VuGen provides this package as an extension to Visual Studio 2015.

Install and use the protocol library package

  1. Prerequisite. Make sure the following are installed: 

    • Visual Studio 2015 with the Visual C++ language enabled
    • WiX toolset 3.10.3 to 3.11
    • WiX toolset add-in for Visual Studio 2015. If the WiX toolset was installed before Visual Studio 2015, you will need to reinstall it.
  2. Locate the installation file, SetupLoadRunnerProtocolSDK.exe, in your VuGen installation package's Additional Components\LoadRunnerProtocolSDK folder. You can install this extension on a machine that does not have an installation of LoadRunner.

  3. Follow the installation wizard to completion.
  4. Download the Protocol SDK help. For details, see Download Help Centers.

    After download, open the help from the following location: <VuGen root>\LoadRunner Protocol SDK\documents\LR_Protocol_SDK\webframe.html.

  5. Create a new test using the LoadRunner Protocol SDK template.

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Upgrade Protocol SDK projects from Visual Studio 2012

The Protocol SDK is an extension to Visual Studio 2015, and no longer an extension to Visual Studio 2012. Consequently, all projects created with LoadRunner 12.50 and earlier must be upgraded. For details, see Upgrading to Visual Studio 2015 in the Protocol SDK documentation, available after installing the Protocol SDK.

For more details about the Protocol SDK, see the knowledge base.

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