TruClient object roles

The following table displays the various roles in TruClient. Roles are the functions that TruClient understands about an object, and determine which operations can be done on the object.

For details of step arguments categorized by role, see TruClient step arguments.

Role Actions
audio Play, Pause, Seek
browser Close HTML Dialog, Dialog - Alert, Dialog - Confirm, Dialog - Prompt, Dialog - Prompt Password, Dialog - Authenticate, Verify, Get Property, Activate, Close, Activate Tab, Close Tab, Add Tab, Navigate, Go Back, Go Forward, Reload, Stop, Scroll, Resize
checkbox Set
datepicker SetDay

Evaluate JavaScript, Scroll into View, Mouse Down, Mouse Up, Click, Double Click, Mouse Over, Drag, Drag To, Scroll, Wait, Wait for Property, Verify, Get Property

filebox Set
flash object Type
focusable Press Key
listbox Select
multi_listbox Multi Select
radiogroup Select
slider Set
textbox Type
video Play, Pause, Seek

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