Enhance a TruClient script

You can enhance a TruClient script to enable it to more accurately represent the production environment.


TruClient records the actions exactly as you performed them. However, when testing you may want the test to run differently than you recorded it. For example, you may want to run some steps only if a condition is true, or to vary the data you enter in the application.

In addition, the data collected may not be what you need. You may need to collect performance data separately on different steps or different groups of steps, rather than on the entire business process.

Use the optional enhancements below to make load test scripting faster, easier, and more accurate.

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Enhancement tools

TruClient provides the following tools to help you enhance your script.

Option Description
Enhance a script with Steps box functions

There are a number of optional enhancements that can be added to scripts beyond the basic workflow.

For details, see Enhance a script with Step box functions.

Use parameters to vary arguments

To enable the script to more accurately represent the production environment, you can enhance it with parameters, replacing static data values with variables.

For details, see Use parameters to vary arguments.

Insert transactions

To enable acceptable performance levels, you can add a transaction that measures the amount of time it takes to perform a certain function.

For details, see Insert transactions.

TruClient functions and function libraries

Create functions (reusable group of steps) to perform a task, and use the functions locally, or share them for use in other scripts.

For details, see TruClient functions and function libraries.

Event handlers

Use event handlers to help your test recover from unexpected or unpredicted events that can occur during script replay.

For details, see Event handlers.

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