Function Libraries tab

The Function Libraries tab enables you to create and manage functions in libraries.

Note: Global libraries are not included in the automatic backup and recovery process.

UI Element

Enables you to select the active library.

New Library. Enables you to create a new library.

New Function. Enables you to create a new function. For details, see TruClient functions and function libraries.

Rename Library. Rename an existing library.

Note: If you rename a library, modify all references to it.

Import Library. Imports a function library from an xml file.

Export Library. Exports a function library to an xml file.

Delete Library. (For a local library) Deletes a local function library from the script.

Remove Library from Script. (For a global library) Detaches a global function library from this script; the global library is not deleted by this action.

Save global library. Enables you to save functions in a global library.

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