Known issues for VuGen

This section describes general troubleshooting and known issues for VuGen. For additional protocol-specific limitations, see the troubleshooting sections for each of the protocols.

Internet Explorer issue

When using IE on Windows server machines, the browser’s enhanced security (ESC) blocks certain actions. This may prevent the automatic download of files that are necessary for your workflow.

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Error messages

For Media Player - MMS scripts, if you specify a non-default bandwidth in the runtime settings, the Vuser may cause an error during replay.

Note: This protocol is currently supported for replay only. All support will be removed in a future version.

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Slow replay of JavaScript language scripts

If your JavaScript language script runs slow in VuGen, disable the debugging option: In the Internet Protocol runtime settings, open the Preferences view and locate the JavaScript section. Clear the Enable JavaScript debugging mode option. For details, see Preferences view - Internet protocol.

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Installing and upgrading JVMs

If you install or upgrade a JVM while VuGen is open, you need to restart VuGen before continuing to record or develop a script.
Workaround: Add an entry "about:internet" to the Trusted Sites in Internet Explorer.

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McAfee compatibility issues

  • When McAfee On-Access file scan is enabled, it may block/revert some of the file-writing operations that VuGen performs during code generation, particularly when asynchronous communications have been detected. As a result, the content of some of the script actions may be lost; these actions will be empty instead of containing the required generated Async code.

    Workaround: Exclude VuGen files from the scan.

  • When McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention (HIP) is enabled, a crash may occur while recording a web-based protocol script, including Java over HTTP, especially if the current user account is a limited account (non-admin). In addition, you may experience browser malfunctions, even when working with a full-privileged user account.

  • It is recommended that you close all anti-virus applications, such as McAfee or Aladdin's eSafe, before installing VuGen.

  • McAfee's anti-virus application blocks port 443, which is the default port of the LoadRunner Agent.

    Workaround: Manually enable this port. To enable the port, open the McAfee Configuration dialog box. In the Firewall Policy tab, add a new rule to allow Port 443 - Action: Permit IP: TCP, Incoming traffic for the LoadRunner Agent Process.

  • When recording a .NET script on non-English operating systems with McAfee anti-virus active, it may issue the following message "The solution has been changed externally".

    Workaround: Add the vugen.exe process to the Low-Risk processes in the McAfee antivirus On-Access Scan Properties.

  • When you correlate a value from a snapshot, VuGen may create a boundary-based correlation, even though the recording correlation option is set to use regular expressions.

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