Use bookmarks

When working in the Editor, VuGen lets you place bookmarks at various locations within your script. You can navigate between the bookmarks to analyze and debug your code. The following steps describe how to work with bookmarks. Most of the bookmark functionality is available from VuGen's Bookmarks pane. To access the Bookmarks pane, click View > Bookmarks.

Create a bookmark

In the Editor, place the cursor at the desired location and press Ctrl + F2. VuGen places a bookmark icon in the left margin of the script.

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Remove a bookmark

To remove a bookmark, perform one of the following:

  • In the Editor, click in the line that contains the bookmark and press Ctrl + F2.
  • In the Bookmark pane, select the bookmark that you want to delete and click the Delete Bookmark button .

VuGen removes the bookmark icon from the left margin.

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Navigate between bookmarks

Click View > Bookmarks to display the Bookmarks pane.

  • To move to the next bookmark, click the Next Bookmark button or press F2.
  • To return to the previous bookmark, click the Previous Bookmark button or press Shift + F2.

You can navigate between bookmarks in the current action only. To navigate to a bookmark in another action, select that action in the left pane and then press F2.

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Navigate to a Specific Bookmark in a Vuser Script

In the Bookmarks pane, double-click the specific bookmark to which you want to navigate. The cursor flashes in the Editor at the start of the line containing the bookmark.

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