Rendezvous points

When performing load testing, you need to emulate heavy user load on your system. To accomplish this, you instruct Vusers to perform a task at exactly the same moment using a rendezvous point. When a Vuser arrives at the rendezvous point, it waits until all Vusers participating in the rendezvous arrive. When the designated number of Vusers arrive, they are released.

You designate the meeting place by inserting a rendezvous point into your Vuser script. When a Vuser executes a script and encounters the rendezvous point, script execution is paused and the Vuser waits for permission from Controller to continue. After the Vuser is released from the rendezvous, it performs the next task in the script.

For task details, see Insert rendezvous points.

Note: Rendezvous points are effective only in Action sections—not init or end sections.