Work with existing script parameters

This task describes how to replace values with pre-defined parameters.

Replace a value with a parameter

You can replace a value with an pre-defined parameter. In the script-editor, right-click on the relevant value and select one of the following options:

  • Replace with Parameter > select a <pre-defined> parameter. The list of parameters include parameters which have the same original value or parameters that have not yet been used.
  • Replace with Parameter > select a parameter from the Parameter List dialog box.

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Replace multiple occurrences of a value with a parameter

You can replace multiple occurrences of a value with a parameter. To do this, in the script editor replace at least one occurrence of the value with a parameter. Right-click the parameter and select Replace more occurrences. Use Search and Replace to replace all of the values in the script with the selected parameter.

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Restore the original value

You can undo a parameter and restore the original value by right-clicking the parameter in the script editor and selecting Restore original value.

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Export and import VuGen script parameters

You can export parameters from a VuGen script, and import them into other VuGen scripts.

Note: This feature is useful if you are working with a new script or if you want to replace your current parameter set.

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