POP3 protocol

POP3 Vuser script functions emulate actions using the Post Office Protocol, POP3. Each function begins with a pop3 prefix. For detailed syntax information on these functions, see the Function Reference (select the relevant version).

In the following example, the pop3_retrieve function retrieves five messages from the POP3 server.

pop3_logon("Login", "
        LAST); // List all messages on the server and receive that value totalMessages = pop3_list("POP3", LAST); // Display the received value (It is also displayed by the pop3_list function) lr_log_message("There are %d messages.\r\n\r\n", totalMessages); // Retrieve 5 messages on the server without deleting them pop3_retrieve("POP3", "RetrieveList=1:5", "DeleteMail=false", LAST); pop3_logoff();     return 1; }

Note: When recording a login step in which an IP address was specified, the script saves the IP address instead of the host name.

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