Specify Application to Record dialog box

This dialog box enables specify the basic details needed to begin recording a Web Services script.

To access
VuGen > Start Record button, Next
Relevant tasks

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element
Record default Web browser
Records the default browser actions. Specify the starting URL or click the Browse button to navigate to a location.

Note: The Web Services protocol only supports IE as the default browser.

Record any application
Records any Win32 application. You can also specify the following:
  • Program to record. Select the browser, internet application, or Win32 application to record

  • Program arguments (Win32 Applications only). Command line arguments for the application. For example, if you specify plus32.exe with the command line options peter@neptune, it connects the user Peter to the server Neptune when starting plus32.exe.

  • Working directory. A working folder for the application (only when required by the application).

Record into action
The section into which you want to record: vuser_init, Action, or vuser_end. For actions you want to repeat, use the Action section. For initialization steps, use vuser_init.
Record application startup
In the following instances, it may not be advisable to record the startup:
  • If you are recording multiple actions, in which case you need to perform the startup in only one action.

  • In cases where you want to navigate to a specific point in the application before starting to record.

  • If you are recording into an existing script.

Advanced Options
Opens the Recording Options dialog box. For user interface details, see Recording options.

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