Manual programming of scripts overview

VuGen allows you to program your own functions into the script, instead of recording an actual session. You can use the Vuser API or standard programming functions. Vuser API functions allow you to gather information about Vusers. For example, you can use Vuser functions to measure server performance, control server load, add debugging code, or retrieve runtime information about the Vusers participating in the test or monitoring.

This section describes how to program a Vuser script from within the VuGen editor, incorporating your application's libraries or classes.

You can also develop a Vuser script through programming within the Visual C and Visual Basic environments. In these environments, you develop your Vuser script within your development application, while importing the Vuser API function libraries. For more information, see Create and view Vuser Scripts in Visual Studio.

To create a customized script, you first create a skeleton script. The skeleton script contains the three primary sections of a script: init, actions, and end. These sections are empty and you manually insert functions into them.

You can create empty scripts for the C and Java programming languages.

Tip: Make sure to define all variables at the beginning of the action, before all other API functions. This prevents compilation errors.

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