Search for values that need correlation

You can use the comparison tool and logs to help identify values that require correlation.

WDiff correlation utility

The default comparison tool, WDiff, lets you compare recorded Vuser scripts and replay results to determine which values need to be correlated.

Note: WDiff is the default utility, but you can specify a custom comparison tool in Options > Scripting> Comparison. For more information, see Scripting Options tab.

To use WDiff effectively, you record the identical operation twice, and compare the scripts (or data files for Winsock or Tuxedo). WDiff displays differences in yellow. Note that not all differences indicate a value to correlate. For example, certain receive buffers that indicate the time of execution do not require correlation.

To compare scripts:

  1. Record a script and save it.

  2. Create a new script and record the identical operations. Save the script.

  3. Select Tools > Compare with Vuser to compare the scripts. For more details, see Compare scripts side-by-side.

  4. Differences in the script are highlighted. Review the differences to determine which ones may require correlation.

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Replay log search

  1. Scan the script in script view for strings that may need correlation, such as hash strings, random strings, or session IDs.

  2. Search the generation log for the first time that the string appears (this is the response from the server).

  3. Search the extended replay log for the same response. Check to see if this response contains a different string within the same boundaries as the original suspected string. If yes, this string requires correlation.

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