Import parameter values from a file

VuGen enables you to import parameter values from an ASCII file. After you import the values, VuGen saves the imported data in a regular Vuser parameter file - with a .dat extension, located [by default] in the Vuser script's data folder. You can import parameter values from a file for both File and Table parameter types.

Note: The language of your machine's locale settings must match the language of the parameters in the parameters file, otherwise unexpected characters may appear in the user interface.

To import parameter values from a file:

  1. In the Parameter Properties dialog box, from the Parameter type list, select File or Table.

  2. Click Import Value.
  3. In the Import Parameter Values From File dialog box, locate and select the source file that contains the parameter values.
  4. Select the delimiter that is used in the source file.
  5. If the first row of data in the source file contains column names, select Use first row as column names.
  6. Select the columns from which to import parameter values.
  7. Click Import. The imported parameter values appear in a table in the Parameter Properties box.

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