Define non-critical resources

You can define resources used in your test to be non-critical, so that the test can replay successfully even when actions performed on these resources fail. For example, an image or a Java applet that failed to download may not be critical to your business process.

Prevent unnecessary failures due to errors with non-critical resources

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Resource classification

The classification of a resource as critical or non-critical depends on the value of the Resource attribute in the function, as described below.

If Resource is specified:

  • Resource = 0: The resource is always critical.
  • Resource = 1: The resource is always non-critical.

If Resource is not specified:

  • If Method is not Get: The resource is always critical.
  • If Method is Get:

    RecContentType is omitted RecContentType is text/html RecContentType is not text/html
    Critical Critical Not critical

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The resource in the following function is non-critical because Resource is 1:








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