Kafka consumer and producer properties

When recording a Kafka script in VuGen, all configuration properties defined by Apache Kafka can be used to configure producers and consumers. However, certain configuration properties are mandatory, while others are ignored. In addition, certain properties are shared between consumer and producer configurations. This topic lists the mandatory, shared, and ignored configuration properties for producers and consumers.

Mandatory consumer properties

The following property keys must be included in the consumer configuration file in order to record a script in VuGen.

  • bootstrap.servers
  • key.deserializer
  • value.deserializer

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Mandatory producer properties

The following property keys must be included in the producer configuration in order to replay a script.

  • key.serializer
  • value.serializer

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Shared consumer and producer properties

If a property key listed below is included in the consumer configuration file, VuGen automatically copies the property to the producer configuration during recording.

  • client.dns.lookup
  • connections.max.idle.ms
  • interceptor.classes
  • metadata.max.age.ms
  • metric.reporters
  • metrics.num.samples
  • metrics.recording.level
  • metrics.sample.window.ms
  • receive.buffer.bytes
  • reconnect.backoff.max.ms
  • reconnect.backoff.ms
  • request.timeout.ms
  • retry.backoff.ms
  • security.providers
  • send.buffer.bytes
  • socket.connection.setup.timeout.max.ms
  • socket.connection.setup.timeout.ms

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Ignored properties

The following property keys are ignored by VuGen when initializing a producer or consumer, even if the property appears in the producer or consumer configuration.

  • group.id (this value is created automatically and randomly)
  • client.id

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