Create a New Script dialog box

This dialog box enables you to create a new Vuser script.

To access
Do one of the following:
  • File > New Script and Solution
  • File > Add > New Script
  • Click the New Solution button in VuGen.
Relevant tasks

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element
Category / Protocol

The protocols to display in the Protocol pane and the type of script to create (for all except for User Templates):

  • User Templates. Displays any user-defined templates you have created. Available only if at least one user-defined template exists. For details, see Create Vuser script templates.

  • Single Protocol. Shows all of the protocols. When you click OK, it creates a single protocol script using the selected protocol.

  • Multiple Protocols. Shows all of the protocols that can be included in a multi-protocol script. Select the check boxes adjacent to the protocols that you want to include.

  • Mobile and IoT. Shows all of the protocols for creating a script for a mobile application or Internet of Things (IoT) application.

    Mobile. For details, see Select a recording method for mobile applications.

    IoT. For details, see MQTT protocol.

  • Popular. Shows a list of the most commonly used protocols.

  • Recent. Shows a list of the most recently used protocols.

Filter Enables you to filter the protocol list by entering text. For example, if you type "Java" into the Filter box, the Protocol list displays only those protocols that include the word Java. The filter will also display protocols with similar names to the entered text.
Script Name

Enables you to specify the name of your script.

If you create a single protocol script,the default name is <protocol name>x where x represents the numerical sequence of the script created. For example, the name of the third script created for the Web- HTTP/HTML protocol would be WebHttpHtml3.

If you create a multi-protocol script, the default name is <protocol name_multi>x where protocol name is the first protocol you selected from the list and x represents the numerical sequence of the script created.


Enables you specify the file location of your script. You can use the browse button to navigate to a location on your file system.

Tools > General > Projects and Solutions enables you to specify a default location.

Solution Name This option is displayed only when a solution is not open in the Solution Explorer. You can specify a name for the solution. If you leave it blank, the default name is 'Untitled'.
Create folder for solution Enables you to create a folder for your solution.
Solution Target Displays the file path of the solution.
Displays the protocols in list view.
Displays the protocols in icon view.

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