Select or Create Parameter dialog box

This dialog box enables you to create a new parameter or modify an existing parameter.

Note: To create parameters for DevWeb scripts, see Parameters for DevWeb.

To access
Use one of the following:
  • VuGen > Solution Explorer pane > right-click on the Parameters node > Create New Parameter

  • In script editor, right-click on the value > Replace with Parameter > Create New Parameter

  • Design > Parameters > Create New Parameter

Relevant tasks

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element
Parameter name
The name of the parameter.
Note: Do not use the name unique, it is used by VuGen.
Parameter type
The type of the parameter. For information about the different parameter types see Parameter types.
Original value
The original value of the parameter before parameterization.
Opens the Parameter Properties dialog box. For details, see Parameter Properties dialog box.