Citrix > Code generation recording options

Enables you to configure the way VuGen captures information during recording.

To access
Record > Recording Options > Citrix > Code Generation
Important information
  • This node is available only for specific protocols. For a complete list of protocols and their associated nodes, see Protocol compatibility table.

  • Text synchronization steps that you add manually during the recording are not affected by the above settings—they appear in the script even if you disable the above options.

  • The synchronization options also work for regenerating a script. For example, if you originally recorded a script with Add text synchronization calls disabled, you can regenerate after recording to include text synchronization.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element
Use Citrix Agent input in Code Generation
Use the Citrix Agent input to generate a more descriptive script with additional synchronization functions.
Default value: enabled.
  • Automatically generate text synchronization calls. Adds text synchronization Sync on Text steps before each mouse click.

    Default value: disabled.