Data format extension > Code generation recording options

Enables Data Format Extensions during code generation, and enables you to define chains for each section of the HTTP message.

To access

Record > Recording Options > Data Format Extension > Code Generation

Important information
This node is available for specific protocols only. For a complete list of protocols and their associated nodes, see Protocol compatibility table.
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User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Element
Enable data format extension
Enables you to select chains for each message section of the HTTP message.
By default, this option is not selected.
  • Code and snapshots. (default) Enables Data Format Extensions on the code and snapshot data.

  • Snapshots. Enables Data Format Extensions on snapshot data, but does not format the data in the script itself.

Verify formatted data
Checks the results of the formatted data by converting it back to the original state and verifying that it matches the original data.

Note: Available for Base64 extension only.

Chain Assignment
Imports the Data Format Extensions from a file.
Exports the Data Format Extensions to a file.
<Message sections list>
Displays a list of the following sections of the HTTP message included in the script:
  • Body

  • Headers

  • Cookies

  • Query String

When you select a message section from the list, the title of the section chains pane (described below) reflects your selection and the pane displays the list of chains for that section.
<Section Chains>

Add Chain. Adds chain to selected message section.


  • Enabled for Headers and Cookies sections only. Enables you to add additional chains to the selected message section.

  • For VuGen to correctly match the chain to the Headers or Cookies section, the name in the Name column must match the name of the Headers or Cookies section.

Delete Chain. Removes chain from corresponding message section.

Note: You cannot delete the default options from any of the message sections.

Reset. Clears the selected chain in the Chain column.