SAPGUI > General recording options

Enables you to set the general recording options for the SAP GUI protocol.

To access
Record > Recording Options > SAPGUI > General
Important information
This node is available only for specific protocols. For a complete list of protocols and their associated nodes, see Protocol compatibility table.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element
Capture screen snapshots
Indicates how to save the snapshots of the SAP GUI screens as they appear during recording: ActiveScreensnapshots, Regular snapshots, or None. ActiveScreen snapshots provide more interactivity and screen information after recording, but they require more resources.
Changing events during recording

Process Context menus by text. Processes context menus by their text, generating sapgui_toolbar_select_context_menu_item_by_text functions. When disabled, VuGen processes context menus by their IDs, and generates a sapgui_toolbar_select_context_menu_item for context menus. This is an advantage when working with Japanese characters.