WinSock recording options

Enables you to set the WinSocket recording options.

To access

Record > Recording Options > WinSock

Important information

When using translation tables on Solaris machines, you must set the following environment variables on all machines running scripts:



Relevant tasks

Record a Windows Sockets script

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element


Adds a new entry to the list of excluded sockets.
Removes the selected entry from the list of excluded sockets.
Do not include excluded socket in log Excludes the sockets on the list from the log. Clearing this option enables logging for the excluded sockets. Their actions are preceded by "Exclude" in the log file.
Exclude Settings/ Socket List

The host and port of the sockets to exclude from the recording or regeneration of the script. Use the following syntax:

  • host:port format excludes a specific port.

  • host format excludes all ports for the specified host.

  • :port format excludes a specific port on the local host.

  • *:port format excludes a specific port on all hosts.

Encoding Method

Use OEM encoding. Enable data encoding that supports non-English characters.

Use ASCII encoding. Enable data encoding that is limited to English characters. Use this option to replicate the LR 9.5x data encoding method.

Think Time Threshold

During recording, VuGen automatically inserts the think time steps when you pause between actions. You can set a threshold level, below which the recorded think time will be ignored.

Default value: five seconds.

Translation tables

The Translation Table lets you specify the format for recording sessions when using the Winsock single protocol, and for code generation when using a Winsock multi protocol. This applies to users running on mainframe machines or AS/400 servers. Both the server and client machines determine the format of the data from translation tables installed on your system. Select a translation option from the list box.

The first four digits of the listbox item represent the server format. The last four digits represent the client format.

The translation tables are located in the ebcdic folder under the VuGen's installation folder. If your system uses different translation tables, copy them to the ebcdic folder.

Note: If your data is in ASCII format, it does not require translation. Select the None option, the default value.