Add Input Attachment dialog box

This page enables you to add input attachments to your web requests.

To access
Click and select the top node—the Operation name. Select Add to Request (input) in the Attachments section.
Important information
You must import a service before adding an attachment to a service call.
For background information, see Web Service call attachments.
Relevant tasks

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element
Take data from
The location of the data.
  • File. The file location:

    • Absolute Path: The full path of the file. Note that this file must be accessible from all machines running the script.

    • Relative Path: (recommended) A file name. Using this method, during replay, VuGen searches for the attachment file in the script's folder. To add it to the script's folder, select File > Add Files to Script and specify the file name.

  • Parameter. The name of a parameter containing the data.

The content type of the file containing the data. The Detect Automatically option instructs VuGen to automatically determine the content type. The Value box accepts manual entries and provides a drop-down list of common content types.
A unique identifier for the attachment. By default, VuGen generates this automatically. Optionally, you can specify another ID in the Value box.