Specify Traffic Information screen

This wizard screen enables you to specify the capture file for the incoming or outgoing traffic.

To access
Analyze Traffic button, Next
Relevant tasks

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element

Filter Options…

Opens the Traffic Filters node in the Recording Options dialog box. This allows you to specify which IP addresses to include or exclude from the script. For details, see Recording options.
SSL Configuration…
Opens the SSL Configuration dialog box which allows you to add SSL certificates to analyze traffic from a secure server.
Capture file
The name of a capture file containing the server traffic, usually with a cap extension.
Incoming Traffic
The IP address and port of the server whose incoming traffic you want to examine.
Outgoing Traffic
The IP address of the server whose outgoing traffic you want to examine.
Record into action
The section into which you want to create the script: vuser_init, Action, or vuser_end. For actions you want to repeat, use the Action section. For initialization steps, use vuser_init.

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