Fine-tune the end of an asynchronous conversation

For a list of protocols that support asynchronous communication, see 64-bit recording, Async, and IPv6 support.

After VuGen scans a Vuser script for asynchronous communication, the Async tab of the Design Studio lists the asynchronous conversations that were found in the script. A web_stop_async step is inserted into the Vuser script at the end of each asynchronous conversation that was detected. In order to make sure that each asynchronous conversation ends correctly when the script runs, it may be necessary to perform one or more of the following tasks:

  • Remove the web_stop_async step so that the asynchronous conversation is terminated at the end of the iteration.
  • Move the web_stop_async step to a location that is after an existing action step or an existing lr_think_time step, so the asynchronous conversation ends after that step is performed.
  • Add an lr_think_time step before the web_stop_async step, or change the time parameter in an existing lr_think_time step. Make sure that think-time is enabled in the runtime settings. For details, see the General > Think Time view.
  • Add a web_sync step to stop the asynchronous conversation after a specified parameter receives a value. Use the asynchronous conversation callbacks to make sure the parameter receives a value only when you want to end the conversation.

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