Use breakpoints

VuGen lets you include breakpoints in your Vuser scripts to help you to debug the scripts. Breakpoints pause script execution at specified points in the script. This enables you to analyze the effects of the script on your application at pre-determined points during script execution. For task details, see Debug scripts with breakpoints. A breakpoint symbol () in the left margin of the script indicates the presence of a breakpoint. In addition, VuGen highlights the line in the script.

You can disable a breakpoint if the breakpoint is temporarily not required. A white dot inside the Breakpoint symbol indicates a disabled breakpoint (). When a breakpoint is disabled, script execution continues at the disabled breakpoint and is paused at the following enabled breakpoint. You use the Breakpoints pane to enable and disable breakpoints. In addition, the breakpoints pane enables you to delete an existing breakpoint or delete all existing breakpoints. To display the Breakpoints pane, click View > Debug > Breakpoints.

To run a script with breakpoints, begin running the script as usual. VuGen pauses script execution when it reaches a breakpoint. You can examine the effects of the script run up to the breakpoint, make any necessary changes, and then restart the script from the breakpoint.

To resume execution, select Replay > Run. Once restarted, the script continues until it encounters another breakpoint or the end of the script.

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