Check Linux compatibility

VuGen provides a tool to check the compatibility of your script to run on Linux-based load generators. You can use this tool to check Linux compatibility while developing the script in VuGen, and so avoid errors and issues later.

To use the tool, open the script in VuGen, then select Replay > Test <script name> for Linux Compatibility.

The tool first checks if the script protocol is supported on Linux; if it is, the tool runs script validation and displays one of the following results:

  • Success - Linux compatibility test finished with no issues.
  • Warning - the script might not run correctly on Linux.
  • Error - the script is blocked, unable to run at all on Linux.

The warning and error messages include a list of found issues.

To see which protocols are supported to run on Linux, fully or partially, see the Supported Protocols (check for protocols that run on any supported operating system–—this includes Linux systems).

Note: The BinaryXML DFE extension is not supported on Linux. However, the Linux compatibility test may not give a warning if a DFE API call that uses BinaryXml DFE extension was manually added to the script.

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