Known web recording issues

This topic covers some common issues you may have when recording web scripts and provides possible troubleshooting solutions.

No events are being recorded

  • Problem: The events counter on the recording toolbar keeps increasing, while the generated script is empty.
  • Possible cause: VuGen’s recording mechanism may be unable to identify HTTP data.
  • Solution: Ensure that your application indeed uses HTTP web traffic.

    If your application uses SSL connections, make sure you have the correct TLS/SSL version in the Port Mapping dialog box (Record > Recording Options > Network > Port Mapping > Options).

    In the Advanced Port Mapping Settings dialog box, make sure SSL is enabled and select the correct version.

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Very few events are being recorded

  • Problem: The events counter shows less than five events, while the application keeps getting data from the server.
  • Possible cause: VuGen’s recording mechanism is unable to capture activity over the network.
  • Solution: Ensure that your application really does provide some network traffic, that it actually sends and receives data through the IP network.

    If an antivirus program is running, turn it off during recording. Check the recording log for any clues about the recording failure. Messages such as “connection failure” or “connection not trapped” can be a sign of the incorrect Port Mapping settings.

    In addition, if you are recording on a Chrome or Firefox browser, make sure that all the instances of the browser are closed prior to recording.

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Specific events are not being recorded

  • Problem: Certain events are not being recorded.
  • Possible cause: VuGen has classified this event as an insignificant action. By default, the Web - HTTP/HTML protocol only records client requests that return an HTTP response status of 2xx or 302, and discards all other requests. If a request returns a response that was discarded, such as 301, VuGen will not generate a step.
  • Solution: Modify the registry to include the missing status. Locate the following registry key:

    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Mercury Interactive\Networking\Multi Settings\QTWeb\Recording]

    Add the following string value to it:


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Application hangs during recording

  • Problem: The recorded application becomes unresponsive during the recording.
  • Possible cause: VuGen’s recording mechanism is unable to connect to the application’s server.
  • Solution: Check the Recording Log in the Output pane (select Recording from the drop down list of logs) for a message about the Request Connection: Remote Server.

Open the Port Mapping dialog box (Record > Recording Options > Network > Port Mapping > Options) and add an entry (New Entry) for the application's server. Clear the check box adjacent to that entry. This ensures that the above IP and port are not recorded—the application connects to them without any LoadRunner Professional involvement.

If communication with the server is essential to the business process, keep the entry checked.

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Wrong server certificate

  • Problem: During the recording the recorded application shows an error message about a wrong server certificate.
  • Possible cause: The problem is caused by the inability of the client side to verify the validity of the server certificate.
  • Solution: The LoadRunner Professional Certificate Authority (CA) file should be added to the machine’s “Trusted Root Certificate Authorities” certificate store (in case of a Java client application, LoadRunner’s CA should be added to Java’s trusted CA list using the keytool). This file is provided with LoadRunner Professional, and is called wplusCAOnly_Expiration_2022.crt, located in the <LoadRunner Professional root>\bin\certs folder.

    To add it to the store, double-click on the file to open the certificate. Then click Install Certificate… to open the Certificate Import Wizard. Use the Place all certificates in the following store option and select Trusted Root Certification Authorities. When the wizard is completed, you should be able to record the application.

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Client certificate is not accepted

Problem: During recording or replay, the server does not accept the client certificate provided by VuGen.

Possible cause: The server may require a certificate chain, including the intermediate and/or root certificate in addition to the primary SSL certificate.

Solution: Manually merge the certificates into one .pem file, with the following structure:


<Your private key>



<Your primary SSL certificate>



<Your intermediate certificate>



<Your root certificate>


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