SMP protocol

The SMP (SAP Mobile Platform) protocol enables you to create and replay .NET based scripts using files that have been generated by SMP, formerly known as SUP. This task describes the steps to create an SMP script.

Although .NET-based and Java protocols support creating threads, we recommend that you do not use background threads in real load testing scenarios because:

  • Threads can degrade tests scalability.

  • Threads can affect performance measurements.

  • The utility functions' behavior is undetermined if called from any thread except the Vuser main thread which runs the vuser_init, Action, and vuser_end actions. This applies to all functions named lr*.


To create an SMP script, you record a business process with SMP, a platform provided by SAP Sybase. The recording generates the following files:

  • Action.cs
  • Vuser_init.cs
  • Vuser_end.cs

To create an SMP script:

  1. Select New Script and Solution > SMP (SAP Mobile Platform).
  2. Copy the generated .cs files into the script folder.

    Note: The recording mechanism for SMP scripts is disabled.

  3. Save, close and reopen the script.

  4. Add the location of the SAP.Mobile.LoadRunner.dll file using the Replay > Runtime Settings > .NET> Shared DLLs view.

    Note: The SAP.Mobile.LoadRunner.dll has been developed and is maintained by Sybase, an SAP company.

  5. Generated .cs files can include objects from external .dlls. To successfully replay the script, include a reference to these .dlls in Runtime Settings > .NET > Shared DLLs.

  6. Replay the script. For details, see Debug .NET Vuser scripts.

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