What's New for VuGen and VuGen protocols

This topic introduces the new features and enhancements for VuGen and the VuGen protocols, version 24.1.

What's New video

Learn about some of the new features included in VuGen version 24.1:

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User experience

This release includes the following enhancements to the user experience and user interface:

Area Enhancement
Updated UI

The user interface is updated to reflect that Micro Focus is now OpenText.

Recorder extension for Chrome

You can now install a LoadRunner Web Recorder extension in Chrome to record events for a Vuser script. This allows you to create scripts in cases where the security policy blocks the standard VuGen recorder.

For details, see Record a Vuser script.

Note: This feature is provided as a tech preview.

VTS Docker image

The VTS image in the Docker hub repository has been renamed.

For details, see Run VTS in a Docker container.

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This release includes the following protocol enhancements:

Area Enhancement
Cloud for AWS protocol

VuGen contains a new script designer for creating AWS protocol scripts. Using the script designer, you can generate an SQS script without having to manually insert code.

For details, see Cloud for AWS protocol.

TruClient protocols

The following updates are included for TruClient scripts:

  • Chromium browser support: For version 120

  • TruClient Browser: Now equivalent to Firefox version 118

  • Security updates

For details, see Record a TruClient script.

DevWeb protocol

The following updates are included for DevWeb:

  • DevWeb scripts now support testing for server-sent events (SSE). SSE is a server push technology, enabling the client to receive automatic updates from a server via an HTTP connection. You can use the new SSE API to establish a connection to the AUT, and receive server-sent event notifications.

  • You can now customize the delimiter used for HTTP query strings with the DevWeb Proxy Recorder.

  • The DevWeb JavaScript SDK includes enhancements to extractors, web requests, and think time.

For details, see the What's New in the LoadRunner Developer Help Center.

.NET+ protocol

Upgraded .NET version support for .NET+ protocol:

  • Support for .NET 8.

  • If you are unable to use .NET 6 or 8, there is now capability to use other .NET versions.

    Caution: .NET versions other than 6 and 8 are not officially supported by VuGen and the .NET+ protocol.

For details, see .NET+ protocol.

Citrix protocol

The following new APIs to handle window events are available for Citrix protocol:

  • ctrx_execute_on_window_activation
  • ctrx_execute_on_window_destroy
  • ctrx_execute_on_window_name_change

For details, see Citrix ICA Vuser Functions in the Function Reference.

Java protocols

VuGen now supports JRE/JDK version 21 64-bit for record and replay of all relevant protocols.

For details, see Java code support.

SAP Web protocol

This release includes additional correlation rules for SAP_NWBC application.

For details on the protocol, see SAP Web protocol.

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Integrations and ecosystem

This release includes the following integrations and ecosystem enhancements:

Area Enhancement
CyberArk integration

This release includes an integration with CyberArk, providing support for use of CyberArk identity security for privileged accounts. A new LoadRunner API enables you to connect to the CyberArk vault and query for passwords.

For details, see Integration with CyberArk .

VuGen-LRC integration

SSO/browser-based authentication is now supported for the integration between VuGen and LoadRunner Cloud.

For details, see Integration with LoadRunner Cloud.

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This release includes the following modernization enhancement:

Area Enhancement

The Chrome V8 JavaScript engine used by VuGen and load generators is now upgraded to work with the ECMAScript 2022 language specification.

For details, see JavaScript Web HTTP scripts.

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