Example: Destroy<Type-Name>ArrayCreating Instances

Destroys an array of the type indicated in Type-Name.

void Destroy<Type-Name>Array( <Type-Name>Array Array );
ArrayAn array of type Type-Name.

The Destroy<Type-Name>Array family of functions destroy an array of the type specified in Type-Name. You can use them to recover memory if you create arrays in the script other than those created by VuGen.

The functions include:

void DestroyBoolArray( BoolArray Array );
void DestroyBstrArray( BstrArrayArray );
void DestroyByteArray( ByteArray Array );
void DestroyCharArray( CharArray Array );
void DestroyCoObjectArray( CoObjectArray Array );
void DestroyCurrencyArray( CurrencyArray Array );
void DestroyDateArray( CurrencyArray Array );

void DestroyDispObjectArray( DispObjectArray Array );

void DestroyDoubleArray( DoubleArray Array );

void DestroyErrorArray( ErrorArray Array );
void DestroyFloatArray( FloatArray Array );
void DestroyIntArray( IntArray Array );
void DestroyLongArray( LongArray Array );
void DestroyShortArray( ShortArray Array );
void DestroyUIntArray( UIntArray Array );
void DestroyULongArray( ULongArray Array );
void DestroyUShortArray( UShortArray Array );
void DestroyVariantArray( VariantArray Array );

Return Values

lrc Return Values


Parameterization is not applicable to this function.