Example: lrc_save_VARIANTParameterization ("save") Functions

Saves a the value of a variant to a string parameter.

int lrc_save_VARIANT( const char* param_name, VARIANT val );
param_name The name of the string parameter in which to store the value.
val The value to be saved.

The lrc_save_VARIANT function saves a value of any data type to a string parameter. To use the parameter, uncomment the line and change the recorded string "param-name" to a meaningful name.

During recording, VuGen generates functions for the specific types (see lrc_save_variant_<Type-Name>, where Type-Name can be: short, ushort, char, int, uint, ulong, BYTE, long, float, double, bool, scode, currency, date or BSTR.).

Return Values

lrc Return Values


You cannot use standard parameterization for any arguments in this function.