Example: lrc_save_rowset_dataParameterization ("save") Functions

Saves data from a cell of an OLE data rowset as the specified type.

int lrc_save_rowset_data( const char* param_name, void* pData, unsigned short SourceType, unsigned short DestType, long len );
param_nameThe name of the parameter in which to store the value.
pDataThe buffer containing rowset data to save.
SourceTypeThe OLE Database Data Types of the data in the pData buffer.
DestTypeThe OLE Database Data Types to be saved in the parameter, generally DBTYPE_STR.
lenThe size in bytes of the pData buffer.

The lrc_save_rowset_data function converts the value in the data buffer returned by a previous database fetch from the specified source type to the specified destination type and saves the value in a parameter. If a parameter of the specified name does not exist, it is created.

Return Values

lrc Return Values


You cannot use standard parameterization for any arguments in this function.