Example: lrc_save_rs_paramParameterization ("save") Functions

Saves the specified field of an ADO recordset to a string parameter.

void lrc_save_rs_param( Recordset15* recordset, int row, short col, void* reserved, char*param_name );
recordset An ADO recordset.
row The record number (row) in the recordset.
col The column number (field number) in the recordset.
reserved Not used. Enter 0.

param_name The name of the variable in which to save the value.

The lrc_save_rs_param function saves the value of the specified field in a record of an ADO recordset to parameter "param_name".

uGen generates this function as a commented-out call. To use the parameter, change the recorded param_name argument to a meaningful name and uncomment the call.

Return Values

lrc Return Values


Parameterization is not applicable to this function.