Deprecated. Use lrvtc_create_column. Creates a column.

C Language

VTCERR2 vtc_create_column ( PVCI2 pvci, char *columnName, unsigned short *outRc );

C# Language

bool vts_multi.create_column ( long pvci, string columnName);
Global Functions


pvciThe server connection handle.
columnNameThe name of the column to create.
outRcThe status of the operation: 1 - Pass or 0 - Fail

vtc_create_column creates a column. If a column of the same name already exists, the function does nothing.

Return Values

C Language:   Returns zero on success or one of the Error Codes.

C# Language: Returns true on success.


All string input arguments can be passed using standard parameterization.

C Language Example

int rc = 0;
unsigned short status;

rc = vtc_create_column (pvci, "NewCol", &status);

C# Language Example

.Net Multiple Connection Example