Returns the string argument after evaluating embedded parameters.

C Language

char *lr_eval_string( char *instring  );
Example: lr_eval_stringParameter Functions

Java Language

String lr.eval_string( String instring );
Example: lr.eval_stringString and Parameter FunctionsJava Syntax


instringThe string to evaluate.

The lr_eval_string function returns the input string after evaluating any embedded parameters. If the string argument contains only a parameter, the function returns the current value of the parameter.

Embedded parameters must be in brackets.

Note: lr_eval_string allocates memory internally. The memory is automatically freed at the end of each iteration. You can use lr_eval_string_ext and manually free the memory in each iteration with lr_eval_string_ext_free. Do not, however, use a free statement in your custom code, as this may result in memory corruption.

Return Values

This function returns the value of the specified string or null on error.


All arguments can be parameterized using standard parameterization.