String and Parameter Functions

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lr_advance_paramAdvances to the next available value in the parameter data file.

Deprecated. Unmasks an encoded string during replay.

Use lr_unmask.

lr.deserializeExpands an object to represent its ASCII components.
lr.eval_dataReturns an array of bytes from a parameter.
lr.eval_intReturns the integer value of a parameter.
lr_eval_stringReturns the string argument after evaluating embedded parameters.
lr_next_rowAdvances to the next row in the parameter data file.
lr_read_fileReads a file into a parameter.
lr.read_xmlReturns the contents of an XML file as a string.
lr.save_dataSaves a byte as a parameter.
lr.save_intSaves an integer as a parameter.
lr_save_stringSaves a null-terminated string as a parameter.
lr_unmaskUnmasks an encoded string during replay.