Reads a file into a parameter.

C Language

int lr_read_file( const char *filename, const char *outputParam, int continueOnError );

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Java Language

int lr.read_file( String <filename>, String <output parameter name>, int <continue on error> );

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filenameThe full pathname or the pathname relative to the script folder.
outputParamThe name of the parameter that stores the file contents.
continueOnErrorLR_EXIT_VUSER (0) or

lr_read_file reads a file and saves the file contents in a parameter.

Return Values

This function returns the number of bytes read. On failure, returns a negative number.


Parameterization is not applicable to this function.

Example C Language

These actions show the usages of lr_read_file.

Read a text file:
void read_text_file(){
    int res;
    res = lr_read_file("test1.txt", "test1", 0);
    lr_message("res = %d\n data = %s\n", res, lr_eval_string("{test1}"));

Read a binary file:
void read_bin_file(){
    char *raw_data = 0;
    unsigned long raw_data_len = 0;
    int res;

    res = lr_read_file("test2.dat", "test2", 0);
    lr_eval_string_ext("{test2}", 7, &raw_data, &raw_data_len, 0, 0, -1);
    lr_message("res = %d\n raw_data_len = %d\nraw_data = %s", res, raw_data_len, raw_data); 

Example Java Language

These actions show the usages of lr.read_file.

public int action() throws Throwable {
    lr.read_file("test.txt","testparam", lr.EXIT_ACTION_AND_CONTINUE);
    // If file read, outputs file content. If not found or not read, outputs: {testparam}
    //not found with error
    lr.read_file("notfound.txt","notfound", lr.EXIT_VUSER);
    /* Log output:
       Error: can not open file
       Abort was called from an action.
       Ending Vuser...
    return 0;
}//end of action