Information Retrieval Functions

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Retrieves information about a push button.
Retrieves information about a text edit field.
Specifies handler function on window appearance.
Returns the value of a bitmap as a string
ctrx_get_server_nameRetrieves the name of the active server the client is connected to.
Retrieves the text in a rectangle.
ctrx_get_text_ocrRetrieves the text in a rectangle using optical character recognition.
Searches for a text in a selected area and retrieves the text location.
Gets current wait time.
ctrx_get_window_id_by_orderRetrieves the ID of the window in the specified position in the window stack.
Retrieves the name of the active window
ctrx_get_window_name_by_idRetrieves the name of the specified window.
ctrx_get_window_parent_idRetrieves the ID of the parent window of a specified window.
ctrx_get_window_pos_by_idRetrieves the position of a window specified by a given ID.
Retrieves the position of a window.
ctrx_get_window_size_by_idRetrieves the size of a window.
ctrx_get_window_style_by_idRetrieves the style and extended style of a window.
Retrieves information about a list box.
ctrx_logoffCloses the current session.
Retrieves information about an object.