Window Functions

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Activates a window.
ctrx_activate_window_by_idActivates the window specified by a given window ID.
ctrx_execute_on_windowSpecifies handler function on window appearance.
ctrx_execute_on_window_activationSpecifies handler function on window activation.
ctrx_execute_on_window_destroySpecifies handler function when a window is closed (destroyed).
ctrx_execute_on_window_name_changeSpecifies handler function when a window's name changes.
ctrx_find_window_by_nameSearches all tracked windows for a window with the specified caption (name).
ctrx_get_window_id_by_orderRetrieves the unique ID of the window in the specified position in the currently tracked window stack.
ctrx_get_window_nameRetrieves the name of the active window.
ctrx_get_window_name_by_idRetrieves the name (caption) of the window specified by a given window ID.
ctrx_get_window_parent_idRetrieves the window ID of the parent window of the specified window.
ctrx_get_window_positionRetrieves the position of a window.
ctrx_get_window_pos_by_idRetrieves the position of the window specified by a given window ID.
ctrx_get_window_size_by_idRetrieves the size of the specified window.
ctrx_get_window_style_by_idRetrieves the style and the extended style of the specified window.
ctrx_set_windowWaits for a window to appear in the Citrix client.
ctrx_set_window_exWaits a specified time for a window to appear in the Citrix client.
ctrx_sync_on_windowWaits until a window is created or becomes active.
ctrx_unset_windowWaits for a window to close in the Citrix client.
ctrx_window_move_by_idMoves the specified window.
ctrx_window_resize_by_idResizes the specified window.
ctrx_win_existChecks if a window is visible on the screen.