Example: nca_configurator_parameterize_dataOracle Configurator Functions

Returns the input string after substituting Oracle Configurator-related information.

LPCSTR nca_configurator_parameterize_data( LPCSTR data );

data The XML string containing data whose contents should be correlated. The XML string is not %-encoded (URL-encoded).

nca_configurator_parameterize_data is a service function that substitutes parameter values with session-specific data from the Oracle Configurator engine.

Session-specific information is received from the server during the Oracle Configurator initialization and subsequent HTTP service requests. This information is saved as internal parameters by the nca_configurator_start and nca_configurator_set_ui_data functions. The internal parameters are released when the Oracle Configurator session ends.

This function is used to create an input argument to another function, such as web_submit_data.

This function is recorded when the data that must be correlated is not based on a call to a URL and is in text XML format (not %-encoded).

Because the data are delimited by the XML < and > symbols, data that contain special values such as the # symbol (as used in the configurator_session_key) can be processed without conversion.

This function is similar to nca_configurator_parameterize_url, which correlates data that are %-encoded.

This function minimizes the amount of manual correlation the user must do. There is usually no need to insert this function or change its argument values after recording.

Return Values

This function returns the value of the specified string.


You cannot use standard parameterization for any arguments in this function.