Example: nca_configurator_startOracle Configurator Functions

Saves Oracle Configurator initialization information as internal parameters for correlation during replay.

int nca_configurator_start( LPCSTR java_object, LPCSTR configurator_applet );

java_object Name of the Java applet adapter form that implements Oracle Configurator by wrapping the applet specified with the configurator_applet argument.
configurator_applet Name of the Oracle Configurator applet. The value is CFG and should not be changed.

nca_configurator_start is a service function that saves Oracle Configurator initialization information as internal parameters.

During replay, session-specific information recorded in the nca_configurator_parameterize_data and nca_configurator_parameterize_url functions is substituted with the values of the internal parameters saved by nca_configurator_start and nca_configurator_set_ui_data.

This function also verifies that the NCA engine is ready to implement Oracle Configurator.

nca_configurator_start is inserted at the beginning of the series of steps that call the Oracle Configurator (before the first call to a web_url function that loads an Oracle Configurator web page).

The Oracle Configurator session ends when the script encounters a nca_java_action call after a series of web calls. At that point, internal parameters created during the Oracle Configurator session are released.

This function minimizes the amount of manual correlation the user must do. There is usually no need to insert this function or change its argument values after recording.

Return Values

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You cannot use standard parameterization for any arguments in this function.