Example: nca_java_actionJava Object Functions

Performs an event on a Java object.

int nca_java_action( LPCSTR name, LPCSTR event, LPCSTR arglist );
name The name of the Java object.
event The event to perform, as defined by the customer's business application. During recording, the name of the event is inserted into the script. For example, the following call to the nca_java_action function means that the WEBUTIL_WEBUTIL_CLIENTINFO_FUNCTIONS_0_1 object sends the WUC_REGISTER event to the server: nca_java_action("WEBUTIL_WEBUTIL_CLIENTINFO_FUNCTIONS_0_1", "WUC_REGISTER", "WUC_DATA==WUI||Windows XP|jw68959|;|\\|en;WUC_DATA_MULTIPART==1/1;");
arglist A list of the Java arguments with their values. The final argument indicates the number of arguments "Count=xxx".

The nca_java_action function performs an event on a Java object using the specified arguments.

If several nca_java functions must be send to the server as a single packet, wrap the set of nca_java calls with nca_step_begin and nca_step_end functions.

Return Values

Oracle NCA Error Codes


All arguments of this function may be parameterized using standard parameterization.