Example: nca_step_beginSession Functions

Indicates the beginning of a set of nca_java_action calls to send to the server as one packet.

void nca_step_begin( );

The nca_step_begin function prevents the sending of data to the NCA server until the script encounters an nca_step_end function. This enables the script to send a set of nca_java_action calls (and other nca_java functions) as one packet.

This function is useful for cases in which the server expects to receive several nca_java_action calls as one packet. If the nca_java_actions are received individually, the server rejects the communication and script replay fails.

The nca_step_begin and nca_step_end functions cannot be nested.

This function can be manually entered and can also be generated automatically during code generation:

  • When entering this function manually, find the appropriate points in the script to add this (and the nca_step_end) function. You can locate the correct points by analyzing the recording log for the NCA protocol (nca_record.log). Search for the string nca_java_action and determine which steps appear in the log without a Client terminate message between them. These steps should be surrounded by the nca_step_begin and nca_step_end functions.

    When entering the nca_step_begin function manually, other nca calls in addition to nca_java_action can be specified between the nca_step_begin and nca _step_end functions. These other nca functions are also sent to the server as a single packet.

  • When this function is added during code generation, VuGen checks which nca_java_action calls were generated by analyzing a portion of the data sent by the client. VuGen then wraps the nca_java_action calls with nca_step_begin and nca_step_end functions. The nca_step_begin and nca_step_end functions are always generated if several nca_java_actions are generated during single data packet analyzing.

    When the nca_step_begin function is generated automatically, nca calls, in addition to nca_java_action, are included between the nca_step_begin and nca _step_end functions and are sent to the server as a single packet.

Return Values

No value returned.


Parameterization is not available for this function.