Example: nca_java_set_optionJava Object Functions

Sets options when recording a Java object.

int nca_java_set_option( int option, < option value > );
option The option to set. Either:
JAVA_SAVE_PROP - saves properties of a Java object.
JAVA_SEPARATOR - the character that demarcates fields in the object (the default is `|').
< option value > If option is JAVA_SAVE_PROP: Passes the integer:
0 - Disables saving of properties.
1 - Enables saving of properties. If option is JAVA_SEPARATOR: Passes the desired separator as a char.

The nca_java_set_option function sets options when recording a Java object.

The nca_java_set_option function currently has two available options:

  • JAVA_SAVE_PROP. When a Java object is selected in NCA, Vugen does not normally save the properties of the object. Use this option to save properties that can then be retrieved with nca_java_get_value and nca_java_get_value_ex.
  • JAVA_SEPARATOR. When your own values contain the character that is also being used as the field separator in the java object (for example, if you use the pipe character, `|', the Java default, in your own data), use this option to change the object's field separator before extracting the values.

This and other nca_java functions can be sent to the server as a single packet by wrapping the set of nca_java calls with nca_step_begin and nca_step_end functions.

Return Values

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Parameterization is not available for this function.