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Executes a PowerTerm command.

int TE_run_script_command( const char *command );
command A PowerTerm Script Language (PSL) command, consisting of one or more fields separated by spaces or tabs. The first field is the name of a command, which may be either a built-in command, or a procedure consisting of a sequence of PSL commands. Newline characters are used as command separators, and semi-colons may be used to separate commands on the same line.

TE_run_script_command executes a PSL command.

Each PSL command returns a string result, or an empty string. For details on PSL, see the online help available from the PowerTerm emulator Help menu.

Return Values

This function returns 0 if it succeeds, and a negative error code if it fails. It also sets the global variable TE_errno.


You cannot use standard parameterization for any arguments in this function.