Alphabetical Listing

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Connects the terminal emulator to the specified host.
TE_disconnect Waits for terminal disconnection. (Windows only)
Searches for text in a designated area.
Returns the current location of the cursor.
Returns information about text formatting.
Reads text from a designated line.
Returns the value of an RTE system variable.
Prints an error code to the output window.
Executes a PowerTerm command.
Runs a PowerTerm script.
Sends a null-terminated string to a VT terminal emulator.
Sets the position of the cursor on the terminal screen.
Sets the value of an RTE system variable.
Translates an error code into a string.
Sends a formatted string to the client application.
Determines the way text is typed into the terminal emulator.
Unlocks the keyboard of a mainframe terminal
Waits for the cursor to appear at a specific location in the terminal window.
Waits for the client application to be silent for a specified amount of time.
Waits for the system to return from X SYSTEM or Input Inhibited mode.
Records the time that the system remained in the most recent X SYSTEM mode.
Waits for string to appear in a designated location.